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A&N private and corporate investigations' associates are Ex Police Detectives with a minimum of 30 years experience in the investigation of serious, series crime and complex fraud both proactively and reactively.

As Detectives, they have served at various ranks in many specialist departments including the Robbery Squad, Drugs Squad, Major Crime Unit (Homicide), National Crime Squad, East Midlands Unit and the Serious Organised Crime Agency both as investigators and members of highly trained Covert Policing Units.

This vast range of experience has resulted in A&N having excellent relationships with various Law Enforcement Agencies and their partners both in the UK and overseas.

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Our Operatives are fully trained and accredited in criminal investigation and tactics that include: Detective training, Senior Investigator, Advanced CPIA, POCA, RIPA, CHIS legislation incorporating handling to an advanced level, Exhibit management, Under Cover Officer, Nationally Accredited Level 1 Surveillance, CROPS Covert Rural Operatives, Photography and use of covert equipment/tactics, Kidnap and Extortion, Silver Commander for spontaneous and pre planned firearms operations/incidents, Drugs and Expert Witness.

Confidentiality and integrity is a guarantee of A&N.

They have all received training in and are fully conversant with PACE, Rules of Evidence, Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, Data Protection Act, Human Rights Act and Protection from Harassment Act.

Our Operatives have given evidence at Court on countless occasions and have been commended many times for their investigative ability, tenacity, file preparation and presentation of evidence.

All Operatives and Associates have been subjected to the highest Government / Police Personal Vetting.

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Address: A&N Private & Corporate Investigations / Detectives - Gothic House, Barker Gate, Nottingham NG1 1JU

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