Accident & Locus Investigations

Our experienced Investigators have an extensive insurance knowledge and investigative experience, enabling us to comment with authority and accuracy thereby identifying liability in a manner that is easily understandable for claims handlers.

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Witness Statements:

A&N conduct cost effective investigations that will enable insurers to determine liability in motor accident claims throughout the UK.

Our Investigators, are all experienced former Police Detectives with decades of experience in assessing people and putting them at their ease in order to take lengthy and detailed witness statements.

All witness statements will be obtained in line with all relevant legislation and can be used in either Civil or Criminal proceedings.

Scene Examinations:

Detailed and computer generated plans of accident scenes together with measurements and the location of traffic signs are prepared, accompanied with an album of photographs (with digital copies).

A witness statement of the investigator who conducted the examination will be included containing all relevant evidence and evidential continuity.

Video footage of routes and scenes can also be provided on request.

Suspicious Accidents:

A&N have experience of staged/contrived accident investigation and are familiar with its investigation and that of the Serious Organised Criminals behind these complex crimes.

By ensuring that all investigations are innovative and thorough our Investigators have the proven ability to make sound decisions and accurate assessments.

A&N will deliver irrefutable sufficient evidence that will successfully repudiate or defend fraudulent claims.

Our assurance is that all evidential packages are prepared by experienced Investigators and then fully vetted to ensure accuracy and compliance with the Criminal or Civil Evidence Rules and the ACPO – ABI Guidelines.

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Address: A&N Private & Corporate Investigations / Detectives - Gothic House, Barker Gate, Nottingham NG1 1JU

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