Criminal Defence Investigations

A&N's Investigators are all experienced and trained Detectives each having served at least 30 years in the Police and other Law Enforcement Agencies.

They have vast experience in the investigation of serious and series crime in all areas of criminality both in the UK and abroad.

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Their skill and tenacity has been recognised by the Courts and is demonstrated by the amount of commendations they have received form the Courts, Police and SOCA.

Services offered

  • Service of process.
  • Interview of witnesses.
  • Obtain statements of evidence, which will be typed and proof read.
  • Provide witness statements as necessary.
  • ABE Video interview of children and vulnerable persons in preparation of Special Measures application.
  • Production of Video incorporating PIP editing technology in line with Special Measures evidence.
  • Trace witnesses.
  • Full witness care service both pre and post court attendance.
  • Crown court support in relation to issues that may arise during a live trial.
  • Supervision of witnesses whilst being interviewed by the Police.
  • Investigation of ALIBI statements to incorporate corroboration where possible. 
  • Investigate incidents as directed by Solicitor or Legal representative.
  • Photographic and video imagery of premises, scenes, victims and presentation of evidence.
  • Preparation of detailed plans.
  • Assist with POCA investigations and the proof of legitimate income/tracing origin of goods deemed to be criminal property.
  • Assist with all fraud allegations including MTIC fraud and analysis of relevant material.
  • Police Station support with regard to persons in custody and enquiries requested by Solicitor or Legal Representative whilst client with Police (24 hour cover).
  • Road Traffic Investigation. Tracing of witnesses, causation factors, plan drawing, video and photographic evidence to support defence. 
  • Comprehensive surveillance service to assist with the gathering of evidence in relation to:
    1. Criminal cases
    2. Matrimonial case
    3. Employment issues
    4. Personal injury from either personal or company perspective
    5. Health and safety cases
    6. Environment and planning issues
    7. Trading standards
    8. Tort or Contract
  • All the above will be compliant with current legislation and presented in a professional evidential format for court presentation.
  • All surveillance evidence will include imagery and/or audio product.
  • All enquiries performed locally and nationally and within agreed time constraints.

All the above services offered at a fixed rate to be agreed on a case to case basis taking into account legal aid fixed fees etc.

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Address: A&N Private & Corporate Investigations / Detectives - Gothic House, Barker Gate, Nottingham NG1 1JU

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