Employee Vetting

A&N will confirm the accuracy and legitimacy of an applicant's references and personal details as stated on their application form in order to determine their suitability for permanent employment within the agreed criteria.

Depending on the position applied for, A&N provide a variety of enquiries within clear incremental bands that can be tailored according to your agreed requirements. All enquiries will be completed within an agreed time scale.

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Band A:

  1. Receipt and analysis of personal details.

  2. Telephone , internet and data base enquiries that will confirm:

    • Home Address.

    • Employers address and dates of employment and investigate any gaps in dates.

    • Reference address.

    • Telephone contact with employment/educational reference to prove accuracy of reference.

    • Telephone contact with personal referee to prove accuracy of reference.

    • Education locations and attendance dates.

    • Membership of relevant Professional Body or Association.

    • Relevant educational qualification/ academic or industrial.

    • Companies House search.

    • Credit history check to establish whether applicant is banned from being a Company Director, subject of any County Court Judgements or a Bankrupt individual.

    • HM Treasury Sanctions to identify whether applicant is on the UK Government blacklist (Investment Ban list or Asset Freeze list), convicted of money laundering of other serious organised crime offences.

  3. Media search to establish whether applicant has appeared in the newspaper or news over an agreed period.

  4. Preparation of comprehensive report.

Band B:

  1. Checks as Band A.

  2. Personal visit to agreed reference or other person/organisation where it is essential to prove the applicants honesty and integrity and that of the information sought.

  3. This will be required where there are any identification or integrity issues that will necessitate a personal visit.  This will include the interview of a     referee/employer/family/colleague, examination of supporting documents, photographs and collation of any relevant evidence.

  4. Documentary evidence or witness affirmation obtained by A&N, proving or disproving the applicants identity or facts provided by the applicant.

  5. Preparation of comprehensive report together with associated documentation.

  6. A basic criminal disclosure that will contain details of convictions that are considered as unspent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 or state that there are no such unspent convictions. This will be in the form of a 'criminal conviction certificate'.

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