Employment Issues

Employment Law and the potential of an Employment Tribunal is a daunting prospect for many employers, especially small to medium sized businesses. The issues are wide and range from:

  • Theft of property
  • Unauthorised use of company property
  • Misuse of company vehicles
  • Provision of services to family and friends
  • Theft of data and Company information
  • Poor timekeeping
  • Breach of company policy
  • Inappropriate behaviour
  • Sick leave abuse
  • Compensation claims

These and many other issues are the problems faced by many employers today and the perception is that the balance of the law favours the employee.

The misconduct of many employees continues because the employer does not know what to do next or how to gather the evidence.

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A&N can offer the complete range of services including all forms of surveillance, infiltration, witness interviewing and interview of the subject.

This independent enquiry, utilising highly trained ex Police Detectives who are used to dealing with these issues, ensures that the Company’s Management can avoid having to personally deal with these situations. This action will greatly reduce the risk of compromise to the security or integrity of the investigation and the reputation of the Company.

All our operatives are highly skilled in all forms of surveillance and investigation being trained to the highest ACPO (Police) standards. Full consideration to all relevant legislation will be given throughout the investigation including Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, Data Protection Act, Human Rights Act and Protection from Harassment Act.

At the successful conclusion of the investigation, evidential packages will be prepared by experienced ex Police Officers that will contain, witness statements, video and still imagery, audio product, computer interrogation and detailed surveillance logs where appropriate.

The evidence will be fully vetted by Ex Senior Police Officers to ensure accuracy and compliance with the Criminal or Civil Evidence Rules and can be confidently used in either Civil or Criminal proceedings or Tribunals.

In the event of legal proceedings our operatives provide evidence as required.

These operatives have been commended on many occasions for their investigative ability, tenacity, file preparation and presentation of evidence.

A&N are also able to assist with medical second opinion examinations and are able to call on proven medical practitioners to assist. The relevant questionnaire will be provided to the medical examiner in order to support any evidence obtained whether it be through surveillance or other means.

A&N will also be able to monitor staff suspected of drugs or alcohol abuse and arrange any random testing that is required.

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