General Enquiries & Investigations

Intellectual Property & Copyright Investigations:

In this modern age and the expanding Far Eastern economy anything can be copied with disastrous financial consequences.

These issues are well documented and A&N can offer a complete service to assist manufacturers and traders to present compelling evidence to the Authorities in a timely fashion.

A&N's Operatives are trained to the National Police standard and are accredited test purchasers who are able to quickly establish the legitimacy of goods and through the covert investigation identify the source and assist in closing down the outlet.

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Mystery Shopping:

This is an excellent technique to establish whether your staff work efficiently and in line with company best practice and instruction.

It can be adapted to many scenarios including shops, licensed premises, hotels, estate agents, call centres and any business involving interaction with the public.

Efficiency/ Integrity Testing:

  • Store Detectives, are they efficient? Are they honest? Are your staff honest?
  • In these difficult economic times retail crime is endemic, but is it internal or external.
  • In the event of legal proceedings our operatives will provide evidence as required.

Neighbourhood Profiling:

Are you moving to a new house but don't know the area?

A&N can offer a complete service that will accurately profile the area. This will include

  • Research the number and the type of the crime in the area
  • Research Police efficiency
  • Visit neighbours
  • Visit area at various times of day and night

On completion A&N will complete a comprehensive report including photographic/video evidence if appropriate to give you reassurance or otherwise before making a commitment to purchase.

Computer Forensic Investigations:

In many cases the examination of a computer is vital and will provide irrefutable evidence.

A&N employ experts who can interrogate a computer in order to:

  • Recover data after deletion or reformatting
  • Encrypt decrypted files
  • Identify web sites that have been visited
  • Retrieve downloaded files
  • Identify when files were last accessed
  • Retrieve deleted files
  • Identify attempts to alter, conceal or destroy evidence
  • Retrieve deleted emails and attachments.

Once analysed a detailed report will be prepared containing copies and images to an evidential standard.

Please note that all of our Operatives are highly skilled in all forms of surveillance and investigation and are trained to the highest ACPO standards. Full consideration to all relevant legislation will be given throughout the investigation including Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, Data Protection Act, Human Rights Act and Protection from Harassment Act.

At the successful conclusion of operational activity, evidential packages will be prepared by experienced ex Police Officers that will contain, witness statements, video and still imagery, audio product, and detailed surveillance logs.

The evidence will be fully vetted by Ex Senior Police Officers to ensure accuracy and compliance with the Criminal or Civil Evidence Rules and can be confidently used in either Civil, Criminal proceedings or Tribunal.

In the event of legal proceedings our operatives will provide evidence as required.

These operatives have been commended on many occasions for their investigative ability, tenacity, file preparation and presentation of evidence.

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