Independent Corporate Debriefs

A comprehensive debrief that will include circumstances involving both Whistle Blowers and Post Incident Management:

The necessity to satisfy the requirements of an audit (internal and external), the duty to shareholders, the defence of civil action or proceedings at an Employment Tribunal; requires an independent debrief that will ensure impartiality and objectivity.

This auditable procedure will ensure that the integrity and reputation of the organisation is maintained.

A&N will use their trained operatives to conduct a full debrief that will comply with all rules of evidence and is particularly essential in the areas of Whistle Blowers and Post Incident Management.

The areas that will be scrutinised and reported upon will include the motive, chronology and the expectations of all parties.

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An essential strategy following an incident is to examine in detail the poor practice, best practice, causation factors, management of system failures and vitally the identification of any threats to the company and their operating procedures.

A&N will provide an independent service, with proven integrity, that will present a comprehensive report including a fully evidenced record of employees' account of events, their personal circumstances and personal opinions.

This independent enquiry utilising highly trained operatives, who are used to dealing with extremely delicate or embarrassing situations, ensures that the Company Management can avoid having to personally deal with these situations. This action will greatly reduce the risk of further compromise to the security or integrity of the investigation and the reputation of the Company.

Our assurance is that all reports are prepared by experienced Investigators and then fully vetted to ensure accuracy and compliance with the Criminal or Civil Evidence Rules

All of A&N's operatives experienced Ex Police Detectives who are fully trained and conversant with the debriefing process

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