Personal Injury

Despite Government promises the compensation culture of the UK is on the increase it is now prevalent throughout the UK.

Without specialist assistance this is an extremely difficult area for Insurance Companies, Solicitors, Employers and Private Individuals to gather the evidence that is required to properly assess the validity of their claims and their alleged debilitating injuries.

All organisations and individuals are now viewed as a potential target to achieve a significant compensation figure by dishonest claimants. 

A&N's operatives are highly skilled in all forms of surveillance and are trained to the highest ACPO (Police) standards with decades of experience in covert investigations and presentation of the evidence at Court.

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At the successful conclusion of the surveillance of the claimant, evidential packages will be prepared by experienced ex Police Officers that will contain, witness statements, video and still imagery, audio product, and detailed surveillance logs.

The evidence will be fully vetted by Ex Senior Police Officers to ensure accuracy and compliance with the Criminal or Civil Evidence Rules ensuring it can be confidently used in either Civil or Criminal proceedings.

A&N are confident that once the high quality of the evidence has been viewed by the claimant that the claim will not be pursued, with enormous savings to the client.

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