A&N's operatives are all highly skilled and experienced in covert surveillance each having served a minimum of 30 years with the Police and other Law Enforcement Agencies.

They have all been trained by the Police and other Government Departments to the highest standards and have full and current accreditation in all forms of surveillance including:

  • Mobile surveillance
  • Static observations
  • Foot surveillance
  • Technical surveillance
  • CROP- covert rural observations
  • Still & video photography
  • Audio collection

Our operatives have regularly deployed in extremely hostile environments without being compromised and are confident of being able to remain undetected in any given scenario.

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Our operatives will make a detailed assessment of the case, in conjunction with our client; and decide on a fully agreed strategy to be adopted. The objectives will be decided with the client and reviewed regularly to ensure costs are controlled effectively

The latest communications, technical equipment, tracking devices, audio and video equipment are utilised to ensure that best evidence is always secured without compromise.

Full consideration to all relevant legislation will be given throughout the investigation including Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, Data Protection Act, Human Rights Act and Protection from Harassment Act.

At the successful conclusion of the activity, evidential packages will be prepared, where relevant, by experienced ex Police Officers. These will contain, witness statements, video and still imagery, audio product, and detailed surveillance logs.

The evidence will be fully vetted by Ex Senior Police Officers to ensure accuracy and compliance with the Criminal or Civil Evidence Rules and can be confidently used in either Civil or Criminal proceedings or Tribunals

In the event of legal proceedings our operatives will provide evidence as required.These operatives have been commended on many occasions for their investigative ability, tenacity, file preparation and presentation of evidence.

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Address: A&N Private & Corporate Investigations / Detectives - Gothic House, Barker Gate, Nottingham NG1 1JU

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