Vehicle & Asset Tracking

A&N use the most up to date covert GPS tracking systems that can monitor vehicle and asset locations 24 hours a day and will produce a highly detailed report of times, routes and locations.

The equipment deployed can supply this information either live time or historically depending on the operational requirement. Once obtained the tracking information can be overlaid onto digital maps. This will clearly show routes taken, places visited and the time spent at each place.

By careful assessment made by our experienced operatives based on the intelligence provided, the use of technical tracking devises can be extremely cost effective in obtaining the objective of the client.

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When would these devices be used?

  • Suspect your partner of cheating
  • Suspect an employee of unauthorised use of vehicle or deviation from route
  • Suspect unauthorised use of fleet vehicles
  • Suspect an employee of theft
  • Suspect employee of breach of contract
  • Tracking of high value loads (Boats, caravans, electrical goods)
  • Tracking of containers

Our highly trained operatives can deploy these devices quickly and covertly in any given circumstances.

Once the agreed tracking has taken place a full report will be completed and a further consultation will take place to determine whether further conventional surveillance or investigation activity is required.

'GPS' Tracking is a cost effective surveillance solution

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